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Acting on customer needs to unleash untapped potential

Mon 8 August 2022



Listening to the needs of customers is essential for Santen to become a valued and collaborative leader in ophthalmology. During a customer consultation, Kirsten de Vries (Key Account Manager, Santen Benelux) noted one such need when an ophthalmologist asked if we could find a slit lamp adaptor that allowed photos of the eye to be captured via smartphone. We knew that this was something that we could help with.

Physicians use images from slit lamps to assist with successful patient consultations. They allow for anomalies in the eye to be discussed to greater effect with patients and are also used in peer-to-peer discussions to facilitate diagnosis and inform treatment pathways.

To understand the volume of interest in solving this particular customer challenge, we carried out some practical market research. We identified that there was indeed a clear unmet need and set about to find a practical solution for ophthalmologists.

A number of adapter samples were tested with ophthalmologists ensuring that the following criteria were met:

•    Compatible with every smartphone
•    Compatible with every slit lamp
•    In line with local regulations

After few months of testing, the Santen-branded adapter was developed. Made of a high quality material and designed with ease of use in mind, the adapter can be easily mounted on the slit lamp ocular. 

In the shadow of ongoing COVID restrictions, this has provided us with another opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to ophthalmologists, by responding proactively to their needs.

The response has been fantastic, reaching around 50% of our customers in the Netherlands and Belgium with numerous HCPs getting in touch to say ‘thank you’ for this new ‘wonderful tool’. At a recent Belgian congress, delegates were even queuing up to test and order the adapter! 

We are delighted with the response which truly shows that we can make a real difference by listening closely to customers and acting on their needs with purpose.

Document number: NP-No product-EMEA-0192
Date of preparation: July 2022