1. Our vision
  2. Responsibility
  3. Transparency
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Santen maintains relationships with policy makers, health authorities, health professionals and patient associations. These activities are based on the transparency and the quality of the information. They meet the standards and principles in force. Only those employees of the company and duly authorised for this purpose may conduct such activities.

Clinical development is an important phase in the development of products and solutions which ensure good tolerability and efficacy. Our transparency requirements apply to all stages of clinical trials.

Relationships with patient organisations

Santen focuses on improving the quality of life of patients and their loved ones. We encourage active dialogue with them to listen and learn to better understand their disease and to develop safe and innovative solutions and products.

To achieve this commitment we build relationships with patient organisations and the persons accompanying them and defending their rights and interests. These relationships are based on mutual respect, trust and transparency.

Relationships with healthcare professionals

Santen is committed to improve the patients’ quality of life. To this end we have developed relationships with healthcare professionals, experts and researchers specialised in ophthalmology and all scientific fields that allow us to develop safe and effective solutions and products.

These relationships allow us to listen and learn from them at all stages of development and manufacturing to meet their needs and accelerate the access to innovations that will benefit the patients.

Clinical trials

The development of our products follows international standards and local regulations. Santen ensures that all clinical trials comply with these standards and is committed to:

  • Making public information about the protocols and the results of clinical trials
  • Ensuring the free and informed consent of those who participate in trials
  • Transmitting reliable information on the trial protocol to health authorities