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Wed 28 June 2023
Geneva, Switzerland – Santen, a global specialist in ophthalmology, will share new long-term data on PRESERFLO® MicroShunt at the World Glaucoma Congress (WGC) – taking place in Rome, Italy from…
Thu 24 November 2022
Geneva, Switzerland – Santen, a global specialist in ophthalmology, is delighted to present ‘Pioneers in glaucoma: A history of ground-breaking progress’, an interactive timeline mapping the people…
Thu 6 October 2022
Santen Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (head Office in Osaka City; hereinafter “Santen”) today announced European Medicines Agency (EMA) acceptance for review of a marketing authorization application for…
Wed 30 March 2022
Santen EMEA is pleased to announce the results of PERSPECTIVE, a real-world evidence study evaluating the long-term treatment of severe keratitis in adult dry eye disease (DED) patients.
Wed 2 March 2022
Santen, in partnership with UCL Institute of Ophthalmology (IoO), is proud to announce the company’s first external research laboratory in Europe.
Mon 28 February 2022
Santen has now received approval for the transfer of the Marketing Authorisation (MA) of the rho kinase inhibitors Rhokiinsa® (netarsudil 200 micrograms/ml eye drops, solution) and Roclanda® (…
Thu 17 February 2022
Santen launches Santen Eyecare Education, a next-generation learning portal for ophthalmologists in Europe
Fri 12 November 2021
Biomass plastic bottle represents one strand of our activity to realise our Santen Vision for the Earth 2050
Wed 13 October 2021
Luis Iglesias presents Santen as a social innovator at Reuters Events: Pharma 2021
Tue 21 September 2021
Santen proudly sponsors the IBSA Blind Football European Championships Division 2 2021