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Research and development

Global R&D

Our networks cover United States, Europe, and Asia
Developing new pharmaceuticals entails a long period of over 10 years, as well as a diverse process ranging from basic research to marketing. To free patients from concerns over their illness as soon as possible, we must improve the efficiency of our R&D process. To this end, Santen conducts drug discovery and clinical development on a global basis, utilising facilities of the Santen Group and related organisations worldwide. In this way, we are reinforcing our system to create new products that meet global medical needs in a timely manner.

In terms of research activities, within Santen we have concentrated our basic research, non-clinical studies and drug formulation research at Nara Research and Development Center, Japan, so as to integrate the knowledge of our various sections and create better products. We are also working to speed up our decision-making. With external organisations, we have built a system to facilitate information exchange and collaborations through our own networks. In 2011, Santen purchased Novagali, a French ophthalmic pharmaceutical company with excellent R&D capability and drug formulation technologies in the dry eye field. This purchase has reinforced Santen’s development pipelines, enhancing our international competitiveness in ophthalmology.

To speed up clinical development, Santen has relocated its hub to the United States (Santen Inc.), where clinical trials can be conducted in a relatively short time. To improve the quality and efficiency of clinical development, we are building a system to conduct early-stage clinical development in the United States, while conducting the late-stage clinical development in Japan, the United States, Europe, China and other Asian countries, as well as in other emerging countries.

Santen’s R&D Framework

Santen’s R&D Framework