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Adaptation, evolution and innovation

Our commitment to the ophthalmology community is independent of the product lifecycle or short term financial opportunity. We understand that adaptation and evolution of therapies are as crucial in ophthalmology as pure innovation. 

As well as our range of pharmaceuticals, we have developed a number of technologies to improve the outcome and experience for the patient using our products.


Santen led the market to widespread development of preservative-free ophthalmology therapies, particularly for glaucoma and dry eye disease (DED). Santen introduced the first preservative-free prostaglandin for the treatment of glaucoma. Preservative-free products help reduce irritation and damage from long term use, encouraging better patient adherence. A wider range of patients can benefit from these products, because they have a lower potential for adverse events. Santen is introducing preservative-free, multidose formats of a number of products in the portfolio.

Dropaid logoSanten Dropaid® delivery devices

Dropaid® delivery aids have exclusively been developed for use in combination with Santen products. Dropaid delivery aids are especially helpful for patients with weak or unsteady fingers or hands. It is a medical device used with both Santen's single-dose and multidose (preservative-free) containers.


Dropaid® single-dose

Dropaid® single-dose is a delivery aid for eye drops in a single-dose container. It helps the patient to instil eye drops from a single-dose container.

Dropaid® single-dose is suitable with Cosopt®, Fotil®, Fotil® forte, Lecrolyn®, Loyada®, Oftan® Timolol, Oftaquix®, Optimol®, Saflutan®, Taflotan®, Taptiqom®, Timoptic®, Trusopt® products in single-dose containers.


DropAid for Santen’s single-dose eye drops

DropAid for Santen’s single-dose eye drops

Dropaid® multidose

Dropaid® multidose is a delivery aid for eye drops in a preservative-free multidose container. It helps the patient to instill eye drops from a preservative-free multidose container.

Dropaid® multidose is suitable with Cationorm®, Cosduo®, Cosidime®, Cosopt®, Costec®, Hyprosan®, Lecrolyn®, Lecrosine® Safluround®, Saflutan®, Taflotan® products in preservative-free multidose containers.

DropAid for Santen preservative-free multidose eye drops

DropAid for Santen preservative-free multidose eye drops

Santen's preservative-free multidose containers


Santen's preservative-free multidose containers
Santen's preservative-free multidose containers
Dimple Bottle

We know that use of many medicines may be less frequent or in lower quantities than is recommended or prescribed, so Santen has taken a number of steps to reduce any cause of reduced patient adherence. 

Ease of handling is an important influence on bottle design with patients wanting a bottle that is easy to open, hold and use. Our Dimple™ bottle was designed to overcome problems with opening the bottle and controlling the drops so they reach the eye and are dispensed in the right quantity. 
The Dimple™ bottle has an easy grip shape and controlled dropping with an easy squeeze bottle that’s responsive to pressure. It’s also easier to open because of edges on the cap. 

This patented cationic emulsion technology improves the tear film lipid layer surface properties4 and is used as the core technology for marketed eye drop products in more than 30 countries, including dry eye disease therapies. The positively-charged emulsion droplets are attracted onto the negatively-charged ocular surface to increase the spreading and residence time on the ocular surface.5

4. Georgiev GA et al. Surface chemistry interactions of Cationorm with films by human meibum and tear film compounds. Int J Mol Sci 2017 Jul 18; 18(7):1558. DOI: 10.3390/ijms18071558
5.  Lallemand F et al. Successfully improving ocular drug delivery using the cationic nanoemulsion, Novasorb. J Drug Deliv. 2012; 2012:604204. DOI: 10.1155/2012/604204. Epub 2012 Feb 27

Preserflo Microshunt

We have developed the CE-marked medical device Preserflo MicroShunt as a surgical implant for lowering intraocular pressure by promoting better drainage of aqueous humour from the eye. Designed using an innovative and bio-inert material, the device is implanted using minimally invasive surgery. The Preserflo MicroShunt device offers a new surgical option for treating glaucoma.


Santen has worked with partners to develop multidose bottles for preservative free eye drops, ensuring microbiological safety along with ease of use for patients.

See more about Santen’s two preservative free, multi-dose bottles here: