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Santen EMEA comes together for the company's first ever Virtual Conference

Thu 23 April 2020

On Wednesday 22 April 2020, over 700 EMEA colleagues and 40 guests from our headquarters in Japan, joined Santen’s first ever Virtual Conference. This was the third annual meeting of our three year mid-term plan, under the banner ‘Winning Together’, and a fantastic opportunity for all staff to come together, particularly in these unprecedented times, to reflect on the achievements of our last financial year and kick-off the new year together as one united company.

Given the challenges presented by COVID-19, we are delighted that we were still able to congregate and deliver an impactful, engaging and interactive virtual experience for our people. A total of 23½ hours of content was delivered throughout the day, including a plenary session, 11 simultaneous country sessions and 11 simultaneous function sessions through the virtual conference centre. Attendees were able to leverage the bespoke functionality of the meeting portal to simulate the experience of a real-life meeting, including live competitions, opportunities for networking and social interaction, and access to high quality, impactful content.

Santen EMEA Virtual Conference

In just a couple of weeks, we adapted our planned annual gathering to a virtual format since these events are crucial in inspiring and motivating teams. Similarly we are working to facilitate continuous and engaging dialogues with our key stakeholders through alternative means during these challenging times. 

“Although the COVID-19 pandemic represents an unprecedented challenge, as a global specialist in ophthalmology we are committed to business continuity for our people and the ophthalmology community,” said Luis Iglesias, President and Head of Santen EMEA. “I am proud that we have been able to quickly and effectively adapt our internal and external face-to-face engagements for this new, virtual world.”

The adaptation of our conference builds on the work we have already done to ensure continuity of delivery of high quality medical education. On Friday 6 March 2020, Santen EMEA held its European Ocular Surface Summit as a one-day virtual meeting for 45 ophthalmologists from across Europe. The meeting had originally been planned as a two-day event in Barcelona, Spain. However, in order to responsibly safeguard the wellbeing of the attendees from the growing risks of the COVID-19 virus at that time, the meeting format was adapted to be completely virtual, with great success. 

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Date of preparation: April 2020