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  2. State-of-the-art management of dry eye disease discussed with international experts at the first ever EuDES congress

State-of-the-art management of dry eye disease discussed with international experts at the first ever EuDES congress

Fri 18 June 2021

Santen EMEA is delighted to be taking part in the inaugural European Dry Eye Society Congress (EuDEC), which will be held virtually on 18-19 June 2021. As part of Santen’s ongoing commitment to the meaningful advancement of ophthalmic patient wellbeing, we will host an international panel of experts for an online symposium on Saturday 19 June, 13:30-14:15 CEST, titled State-of-the-art management of dry eye disease.  

Chaired by the European Dry Eye Society (EuDES) President, Professor Christophe Baudouin, the session will emphasise the need to and benefits of effectively targeting inflammation in managing dry eye disease (DED) and explore the value of an evidence-based approach in delivering best possible patient outcomes:




13:30  Welcome and introduction Professor Christophe Baudouin, France (Chair) 
13:35 From lid margin disease to DED: a focus on meibomian gland dysfunction and blepharitis Professor Margarita Calonge, Spain
13:45 Focusing on inflammation for the management of DED Professor Christophe Baudouin, France
13:55 Evidence-based approach for the management of ocular surface inflammation in disease Professor Elisabeth Messmer, Germany
14:05 Q&A All faculty


“The European Dry Eye Society was founded on the principal of uniting European experts to share cutting-edge scientific knowledge and address current unmet needs for people with dry eye disease,” said Professor Christophe Baudouin. “This year there has been a real focus on understanding the patient experience and the complexities of the dry eye disease diagnostic pathway. Through this scientific exchange, we hope to improve the overall management of dry eye disease and quality of life for patients.”  

Santen is passionate about continuously evolving ophthalmic care for which patient insights and real-world evidence are crucial. Throughout EuDEC, the following scientific abstracts will be presented:


Abstract title

Figueiredo FC., et al. A non-interventional study comparing experiences in dry eye diagnosis for patients living with and without Sjögren’s syndrome
Trocmé S., et al.  The PERSPECTIVE study: long-term treatment of DED and severe keratitis with ciclosporin A 0.1% cationic emulsion in a real-world setting


Patient insights will be shared from an online survey of adults living in France, Spain and Italy who were diagnosed with DED, with or without Sjögren’s syndrome. The results show differences in patient experiences and quality of life between each group, as well as country-specific variations, and uncover potential opportunities to improve consistency of patient care. Initial results from the PERSPECTIVE real-world study, will also be presented, assessing the effectiveness, tolerability and safety of ciclosporin A 0.1% cationic emulsion (CsA 0.1% CE) in treating severe keratitis in adult DED patients. The full results for this study are due to be published later this year. 

“It was deeply sad to see how COVID-19 disrupted clinical practice across different therapy areas, including ophthalmology, which consequently impacted eye health and patients’ quality of life,” said Dr Ioana Grobeiu, Vice President, Medical Affairs, Santen EMEA. “Since the start of the pandemic, we have been committed to understanding the impact of COVID-19 and identifying ways to overcome its challenges, through supporting real-world evidence generation and patient insights collection. We are therefore so pleased to have this opportunity to share some of these findings alongside fellow ophthalmologists virtually in the first European congress dedicated to dry eye disease.”

Document number: NP-DED-EMEA-0094 
Date of preparation: June 2021