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  2. Santen launches Santen Eyecare Education, a next-generation learning portal for ophthalmologists in Europe

Santen launches Santen Eyecare Education, a next-generation learning portal for ophthalmologists in Europe

Thu 17 February 2022

Santen, a global specialist in ophthalmology, is launching an innovative, interactive medical education platform for healthcare professionals (HCPs). 

The Santen Eyecare Education (SEE) portal is populated with resources that are in many countries are co-created by a group of experts in ophthalmology. It gives ophthalmologists access to high quality, personalised learning content in an intuitive environment, helping them achieve their medical education goals online and at their own pace. In some countries, Santen product information is also available.

The launch of the SEE portal comes amid a period of rapid digital acceleration in healthcare and beyond. Driven at first by the pandemic and our subsequent reliance on virtual interactions, the benefits of a more virtual, hybrid learning model for HCPs has already been recognised. A recent study showed that a more flexible, online approach is highly valued with 91.7% of HCPs willing to recommend this form of medical education to their colleagues.1

The SEE portal was developed with the needs and preferences of ophthalmologists at its heart. Research shows that HCPs prefer bite-sized and interactive content that is easily digested, accessible on demand and customised to their individual learning goals.2 SEE gives ophthalmologists a range of resources so they can choose how they prefer to engage with the latest insights, perspectives and best practices in the field. In many European countries, the Santen in 10 challenge, a flagship SEE initiative will also be available – providing an interactive, learning experience that helps ophthalmologists expands their knowledge and build self-confidence, month on month. 

"The Santen in 10 challenge uses elements of gamification to change the way we tend to do medical education. I was part of the steering committee that worked on the project and I am really looking forward to seeing how my peers will react to it," said Karl Mercieca, Senior Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon and Glaucoma Lead at University Hospital Eye Clinic, Bonn, Germany.

“COVID-19 leaves a legacy on the way that we all interact with one another,” said Ioana Grobeiu, VP, Medical Affairs, Santen EMEA. “Although we would never replace engaging with ophthalmologists face-to-face, we are delighted to be able to offer access to high-quality medical education in this new digital environment. Our aim is to be a leader in medical education in ophthalmology, and the launch of the SEE portal is just the beginning of this journey.” 

Following a simple registration process, the SEE portal allows ophthalmologists to access all resources available in their country on desktop, mobile and tablet devices, providing maximum flexibility for learning. 

SEE will launch across Europe in the coming months with portals live in France and the Netherlands in February 2022, Spain in March 2022 and Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Norway and Denmark in April 2022. Further country portals are expected to launch later in the year.


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Document number: NP-No product-EMEA-0160
Date of preparation: February 2022