Illustration of woman trying to work from home with her child on a scooter

Following the initial COVID-19 lockdown, Santen EMEA conducted a survey to find out its impact on dry eye disease sufferers. We asked 502 people across France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK about how lockdown had affected their dry eye symptoms and the impact this has had on their lives. 

The survey revealed a wealth of valuable insights for all those managing this common condition, including:

  • For many, increased screen time had worsened their symptoms 
  • The worsened symptoms resulted in a negative impact on their emotional wellbeing, mental health and ability to work 
  • The majority of people surveyed didn’t see a healthcare professional during lockdown, despite a clear need 

As we all continue to adapt to a world with COVID-19, where increased screen time persists, our eye health has never been so important.