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Santen to actively participate in the coming congress at the European Society of Ophthalmology in Denmark


Munich (Germany), Evry (France), June 6th, 2013 – Santen today announced that the company will participate in the European Society of Ophthalmology (SOE) 2013 Congress taking place from 8 to 11 June 2013 in Copenhagen (Denmark).


Santen is proud to announce a conference on the role of preservative-free formulations in the treatment of glaucoma. This conference will bring together key presentations about prevalence and risk factors for OSD among glaucoma patients and real-world efficacy and tolerability of glaucoma therapy as well as new perspectives on IOP management and EGS guidelines.


In addition, the company will arrange an off-site event focusing on dry eye controversies. Dry Eye is characterized by objective signs and often debilitating subjective symptoms. But which of these two should take the lead in diagnosing dry eye in clinical practice? There are good reasons for choosing either one. That is why the controversy will be dedicated to this question. The unmet medical need in severe dry eye is even larger, as are the potential consequences for the patient when not well diagnosed and treated. A panel of renowned ophthalmological experts will take on the challenge of defending and discussing these positions and daily clinical practice.


Other Santen scientific presentations include posters on tafluprost: “Efficacy and tolerability of tafluprost 0.0015 % (Taflotan®) in patients with glaucoma and ocular hypertension: med-term outcomes”; “Efficacy and safety of a preservative-free fixed combination of tafluprost 0.0015%/timolol 0.5%: a 6-month double-masked, randomized P-III comparison to concomitant use of the individual components”.


Santen Events at EOS:

  • June 8, 2.30 to 4.00 pm at Bella Center: “The role of preservative-free therapies in the treatment of Glaucoma”, Co-chairmen Prof. Christophe Baudoin (France) and Prof. Carlo Traverso (Italy); 

  • June 8, 6.30 to 8.00 pm at Bella Sky Cornwell Hotel: “Controversies in Dry Eye”, Chairman Prof. Christophe Baudoin (France).

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