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Santen launches Ocutears® in Bulgaria

Sofia – April 9, 2014. Santen Europe announces that Ocutears®, a novel, preservative-free artificial tear to treat dry eye symptoms, is as of now available in Bulgaria.


Ocutears® protects, moistens and lubricates the ocular surface for prolonged relief of dry eye symptoms associated with mechanical, environmental or visual stress such as discomfort through wearing of contact lenses, air conditioning, wind, dryness of air, or intensive work in front of a computer screen.


The prescription-free product consists solely of biological substances, most importantly sodium hyaluronate 0.15% (HA) to stabilize the tear film. The ultrahigh molecular weight HA used in Ocutears® has unique viscoelastic properties, combining the therapeutic benefits of a 0.30% HA concentration (protection) with those of a 0.15% HA concentration (comfort). Ocutears® is intended to support corneal healing as well as corneal re-epithelialization.


Ocutears® comes in an easy-to-use preservative free multidose bottle that can be used for up to 6 months after the first opening. 


Ocutears® features:

  • Protects, moistens and lubricates the eye surface
  • Highly similar to natural tears
  • Ultrahigh molecular weight sodium hyaluronate (HA)
  • Therapeutic benefits of 0.30% HA with the comfort of 0.15% HA
  • No blurring
  • Unpreserved
  • Compatible with contact lenses

Santen already markets Ocutears® in countries such as Poland, Lithuania, Georgia, Hungary, Armenia, Latvia, Czech Republic - and now in Bulgaria.

In Europe, about 20% of patients, who visit an ophthalmologist, suffer from dry eye symptoms. Depending on age and gender, 5 to 35% of the population is affected. Women and elderly people are more frequently concerned.

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