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Novagali Pharma SAS Changes Name to Santen SAS


Evry (France), Osaka (Japan), May 16th, 2013 – Santen SAS today announced that it has changed its name Novagali Pharma SAS (Novagali) to Santen SAS (Santen). The name change comes 18 months after Novagali was acquired by Santen Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Founded in 2000 and listed on NYSE Euronext Paris from July 2010 to January 2012, Novagali is a pharmaceutical company that develops and commercializes innovative ophthalmic products for all segments of the eye. The Company currently has one commercialized product and two in phase III clinical development. This change aims to further enhance synergetic effects within the Santen Group by using the “Santen” name; promote the presence of the Santen brand throughout the European market; and further accelerate the development and launch of innovative new products in Europe.

Santen will be the centre of business operations for France and the area to boost export to Middle East/North Africa (MENA), Sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America with a view to expanding Santen’s sales in the different areas.

Jerome Martinez, President of Santen, comments: “After 18 months we complete the transition period with our new company name and will share the Santen values and innovative ophthalmic products with our customers now that we are operating together as one company. Novagali has undergone a major transformation to further establish a unique identity in the industry and to better represent our full portfolio of solutions in ophthalmology. The new name creates a force multiplier with more skilled resources in more places in Europe to further develop our truly innovative solutions for the treatment of ophthalmic diseases and help improve the performance of our businesses.”

Novagali’s R&D group becomes the Novagali Innovation Center (NIC) a center of R&D excellence for the Santen Group. This designation demonstrates the new position of the center to incubate and develop innovative ophthalmic projects, as part of the Santen’s global R&D organization and in collaboration with R&D centers in Nara (Japan), Emeryville (USA) and Tampere (Finland).

Jean-Sébastien Garrigue, General Manager of NIC, added: “A decade after the set-up of our R&D activities, the foundation of Novagali Innovation Centre is a great recognition of the team’s expertise, dynamism and talent to bring innovation and develop life-enhancing medicines. Our R&D model and unique technologies will help develop timely, clinically-meaningful treatments and solutions for both patients and ophthalmologists."

NIC is expected to contribute to Santen’s pipeline of pharmaceutical & medical device products addressing unmet medical needs in ophthalmology. Leveraging its expertise in ophthalmic development and applying its technology platforms such as Novasorb® and Eyeject®, NIC benefits from its French and European academic network and partnerships, such as the Vision Institute in Paris.

Masamichi Sato, CEO of Santen European group, concludes: “This name change represents more than just a new name. There is an inherent promise to provide all our customers with the very best innovation in ophthalmology which has already begun with the introduction of the Cationorm® Multi in 2012. Santen connects us with our ophthalmologic leadership, and we're now able to further develop new ways to serve our customers and offer truly innovative solutions for the treatment of ophthalmic diseases to patients all over the world, especially in Europe.”

Transition to the new name will include rebranding of Cationorm®, an innovative product for the treatment of dry eye, marketed in Europe and several other territories, as well as changes to new packaging and marketing materials taking place over the next two months. Santen has planned outreach programs to Novagali’s employees and customers to help transition to the new identity.

About Santen Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.:

Founded in 1890, Santen is a global pharmaceutical company specialized in the fields of ophthalmology and ant-rheumatics, which is headquartered in Osaka, Japan. Among prescription ophthalmic pharmaceuticals, Santen holds the top share within the Japanese market and is one of the leading ophthalmic companies worldwide. Santen has subsidiaries in the U.S., Europe, and Asia, including its Emeryville, California based Santen Inc., its Tampere, Finland based Santen OY, its Suzhou, China based Santen Pharmaceutical (China) Co., Ltd. and its Bangalore, India based Santen India Private Limited.

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