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Cationorm® enters Russian market

Moscow, April 23 - Santen announces the commercial launch of Cationorm®, its unique proprietary cationic emulsion, to treat dry eye symptoms in Russia.


Dry eye syndrome is the second cause of consultation in ophthalmology. It concerns over 100 million people in the world. Due to a chronic lack of lubrication and moisture in the eye, its consequences range from irritation to ocular inflammation of the conjunctiva and corneal tissues of the eyes. In severe cases, corneal lesi​​ons may lead to vision loss. Ageing populations, pollution, air conditioning, extended use of computers, contribute to an increase in the prevalence of the syndrome and hence the need for the development of more efficient products.


Cationorm® is a preservative-free oil-in-water emulsion resulting from Novasorb® patented technology based on the electrostatic attraction between the positively charged eye drop and the negatively charged ocular surface.


Cationorm® acts on all three layers of the tear film. It combines lubricating and hydrating properties. Cationorm’s cationic emulsion formulation leads to optimal spreading on the surface of the eye, replenishment of the tear film lipid layer and prevention of tear evaporation. Clinical studies have clearly demonstrated Cationorm’s advantages for patients: tolerance, long-lasting relief and optimal comfort.


Santen has made Cationorm® available in almost 20 European countries, among others in France, Germany, Finland, Estonia, Lithuania and Georgia.

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